Interest Rates

Current interest rates being offered to Veterans for home financing are near historic lows. In fact, in June 2010, interest rates were at their lowest level since the 1950’s!

Low rates combined with affordable homes mean it is a buyer’s market and the opportunity to purchase your home is here. And because you are a Veteran, or currently serving in the military, you are eligible for great programs like CalVet and VA Home Loans.

Both programs are structured to provide the Veteran with additional benefits on 30 year terms with low rates, which translates to a lower monthly mortgage payment for you.

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APR fee based on a $200K sales price, no down payment, financing the VA funding fee under the CalVet/VA loan program. Limited funds available. Rates are subject to change. Not all buyers will qualify.

Qualified Veterans Mortgage Bond Program (QVMB)

  • Wartime Service Required
    • During a qualifying war period or
    • Received an armed forces expeditionary medal or campaign medal awarded by the federal government for the period served
  • Application must be within 25 years of release from active duty
  • May be used to purchase homes, condominiums and manufactured homes not in a park

Qualified Veterans Mortgage Bond Funding (QMB)

  • All Veterans and current members of the California National Guard or U.S. Military Reserves
  • Subject to income / purchase price limits & federal recapture taxes
  • California National Guard, and US Armed Forces Reserves, must meet first time homebuyer guidelines.
  • Not available for mobile homes in parks. 

Pre-Ullman Bond Fund (PUF)

  • All Veterans
  • Limited funds available for veterans who do not qualify for QVMB or QMB programs

Please call or apply online and we can determine which rate applies to your military service background.

We are in the enviable position of being able to offer Veterans their choice of government loan program, including VA and CalVet, because that’s our specialty.

Give us a call or Apply Online. It’s a service we provide free of charge so you can know what your best options are.